AP and I 赵思淳Steve

AP课程中心 · 2014年6月5日· 国际部

My first term in the AP center has passed. It has brought me much happiness, but at the same time plenty of difficulty.

I like the way of studying in AP class which is very different from Chinese traditional education. Our teachers come from different countries. They are young, energetic and very kind and friendly to us. Besides teaching us the knowledge, they pay more attention to our other abilities. In Listening & Speaking class, we are asked to make a speech on our favorite music and make a PPT on a sport we like. These are new and interesting to us. We feel very relaxed in class. Sometimes the teachers even make jokes.

Besides classes, we have participated in some activities. We have joined the NASA Space City design competition. Our class held a Halloween celebration and Christmas celebration. All the teachers and students joined the celebration. We bought food and drinks, decorated the classroom and prepared the programme to put on. These activities make the students and the teachers more united and cooperative.

But I met a lot of difficulties in class. The first is language competence. The subjects of Economics, mathematics and physics are all taught in English. At the initial weeks, I could not understand what the teachers said. I took notes in class and learnt them after class. I often asked teaches and classmates for help and they were very willing to give me a hand. I feel so warm in the class. Second, we have to learn some subjects in Chinese such as Math, Chemistry, Geography, etc, in addition to the English subjects. We should learn more than 10 subjects. So it is difficult for us to allocate our time in reviewing each subject. I always studied until midnight.

After all, I like the study in AP center and I believe I can adapt myself here and get good scores in the following term.

Steve Zhao