AP and I 徐兆宇 Tiger X

AP课程中心 · 2014年6月5日· 国际部

“People compare cost and benefit when making a choice.” Mr. Cooper is teaching us the Economic Reasoning. In fact, not only the economics, but the life in AP center is facing multiple choices as well.

In the first two months, it was relaxing. The lesson was easy and we didn’t have much homework to do. We played basketball almost every day and the AP center was considered to be a paradise for us.

However, everything changed a lot when November came. We began to know the real meaning of AP. At the beginning of the month, an important but difficult mission appeared. Our task was to create a space station for people to live in and the competition was held by NASA. Meanwhile, the debate competition was held also in November and December. As everyone knows, the Christmas is in December too and I was the emcee. There were so many things to work out and they are up to my neck! It was the time for me to make a choice. If I entered all the activities, I am afraid I wouldn’t finish anything well. I am interested in NASA because I knew little about astronomy before and I extremely wanted to enrich myself. I wanted to enter debate competition because I knew the American universities are looking forward to seeing your progress in presentation and debating. I didn’t feel like giving up the role of emcee because it would also be a wonderful experience for me. But I had to learn to give up something from immense struggling. After discussing with my counseling teacher and my parents, I made a determination to give up the debate. I felt nervous when I faced the strangers so I hoped I will challenge myself next year.

Speaking of the result, we were invited to India which means we did a good job even though that was our first time. The Christmas party was also successful. Mr. Barbee praised me a lot on my speaking skills. In one word, I get used to the AP life and enjoyed myself.

To be honest, the lessons we are learning aren’t as difficult as the normal high schools do. However, why do we need to learn the complicated lessons which won’t be used in the future unless that’s your major? What’s more, AP brings us more activities such as Halloween party and Christmas party which other school don’t have. They really developed my ability of leadership, oral English and so on.

I am sure I will grow up enjoyably in such a comfortable situation. Hopefully, with the help of AP, I can enter a famous American university and have a bright future!